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Virtual Negativity: How the new work setting can create poor outcomes

In today’s virtual business environment, the focus must be on leveraging strengths while minimizing weaknesses. Poor attitudes and negativity seem to be driven by working from home, changed social contact, incomplete communication, and more.

This virtual setting creates stress, reduces loyalty, and erodes confidence. A positive focus creates strengths, recognizes problems, and addresses solutions.

Whether part of a team, a team lead, or the leader, consider taking the helm to help the group reverse virtual negativity. Here are some reminders:

  • Consider using the ‘liked best’ and ‘next time’ approach when giving feedback. Explain what went right, then discuss considerations for what needs to change for the next time. Stay away from the ‘you could have’, ‘you should have’, and ‘you might have.’ This language resolves nothing and highlights negativity. The past cannot be changed.

  • Use the T.L.C. – Take it. Leave it. Change it. As Mark Twain said, “The only difference between a rut and a grave, are the length and the width.” Feeling buried? You can take it, meaning you don’t get your panties in a wad and you manage your emotions. You can leave it, meaning you walk away from the situation and find higher ground (leave a position that makes you crazy, or even a relationship). You can change it, meaning you challenge your own flexibility, do research, improve your communications, and move forward.

  • Stay upbeat and positive. There is no room for toxic behavior and negative stories. You are in total control on how you think. Look into the video camera during your team meet-ups. Smile, and stay engaged.

  • Keep a Success Journal, tracking the positive and great outcomes you have received. Generally, journaling records the negative outcomes you may have experienced.

  • Expand your interaction with leadership. Verify expectations. Don’t wait for annual appraisal time. Take the lead and ask for a virtual meeting. Validate your position and expected outcomes.

  • Ask more questions and listen to the answers, even though they may carry a different perspective than you have. In a virtual meeting, use the chat feature and speak up. Today’s business cannot operate in a vacuum.

Team training, and virtual motivation sessions are as important as they always have been. Please let me know if I can tailor any of the topics I’ve delivered ‘in person’ in the past. I believe this is needed more now than ever. Can I help you with change management, personal responsibility, virtual presentation skills, dealing with toxic people, time management, team building, or any of my other topics? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you! Marsha

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