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Cool News and Revamping!

Wow – 2021. And here we are half way through! Personally, there were times last year when I had to reach deep into my soul and find strength to manage this change. Did you?

Knowing that conflict resolution, focus, and positivity is a learned skill helped me push forward. In order to manifest that thinking, and reminding myself that ‘this too will pass,’ I knew my life would continue to be successful and joyful as new beginnings were the focus. So, as you may have, I revamped and recharged.

Part of the revamping included a new website for

Please take a moment to check it out. Feel free to share any of the resources on the site.

Ball Cap moments: Quick tips

Let’s plan some presentations!

Reviewing important lessons from the past helps us move forward. I would be honored to help your group restore balance; we have developed new programs that can be delivered either in person or by way of online methods. (I am proud that I am now a Certified Virtual Presenter as well.)

Change. It’s hard and often upsetting. If we better understand it, we can set a path through it. William Bridges has done an exceptional job of helping us see how we flow through this disconcerting time. This topic can be tailored to your group. Here is the basis:

Here’s to a wonderful rest of our New Year, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers! Marsha

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Certified Virtual Presenter

Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

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