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Marsha shows what a virtual presentation looks like from studio or home office.

"How to Stay Positive in Down Times" with  communication expert Marsha Petrie-Sue

Smart Customer ServiceMarsha Petrie Sue
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Smart Customer Care

People have so many choices today.  When their needs are not met, they vote with their feet by leaving  you and going to your competition.  Customer care differentiates one company from another.  

She's NEVER Quitting! Marsha Petrie Sue Represents The Woman's Outdoor Media Association

Marsha Petrie Sue on Sonoran Living: Tips to manage anxiety in turbulent times.

It's About TimeMarsha Petrie Sue
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It's About Time

Do you find yourself with no time for friends, family, hobbies, or yourself? This program gives you the tools to master time so you will have a guilt-free way to organize, energize, and maximize your time and your life.