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from Marsha's Coaching

and Speaking Engagements


Marsha was absolutely outstanding. My only regret is not giving her some more time on our agenda. Her messages were exactly on topic for what we agreed to target. Her examples were both very practical and she had great elements of fun & humor at the same time. Feedback from attendees was incredibly high and we ended up incorporating some of her messages into other presentations later in the agenda.

Robert Schramer – Controller, Cisco Systems, USA/Canada Theatre Deals Desk

I hired Marsha to help me hone and enhance my Public speaking skills. After her four week intensive, I finally possess the skills and confidence to convey my message with conviction, ease and professionalism. Working with Marsha is the best decision I have made professionally. Highly recommend.

Leila Adnani – Founder of Personalized Solutions + Head of Public Relations for
The Baller Dream Foundation + Host of Philanthropy United Podcast

Marsha Petrie Sue was a hit and a hoot. I learned that people can change and take charge of their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from her presentation! She was high energy and entertaining!

Jennifer Karns – Director of Legal Professionals, Snell and Wilmer Law

A business coach helps your business tackle specific tasks and objectives (for example, helping through the process of hiring team members, improving communications, reducing conflict, or building productive teams. The coach helps set the objectives, determines the number of sessions needed to meet the goal, and will develop long term strategies. Coaching with Marsha Petrie Sue changed my life. Prior to working with Marsha, I struggled with public speaking and delivering a succinct, authentic message.  The guidance she provided was instrumental in my growth as a professional speaker for both in-person events and on camera presentations (videos, webinars, zoom, interviews and more!). Her expert coaching tips have ultimately led me to become a better leader and speaker. I truly appreciate the time she invested in me. She is an inspiration and a light to all those who know her.

Kelly Zitlow – Cornerstone Lending Home Lending, The Zitlow Group, Vice President

Your presentation was the most informative class I’ve been to out of all the Harley-Davidson Dealer Operations Training classes I have been in. I can’t thank you enough for your time and knowledge. You opened my eyes.

Mike Gay – General Manager, Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson

Marsha is a top-notch professional executive coach who I had the good fortune of working with for over two years. For anyone looking to move forward in their career, she is the right mentor.

Lisa Guida – Vice President Donor Relations,

Honor Health Foundation

I found your business workshop ‘The CEO of YOU’ to be very informative, interesting and motivational. You are a very dynamic speaker who I truly enjoyed listening to you for what seemed to be the fastest 3-hour block of time that I have ever spent. Hence the saying… ‘time flies when you are having fun.’ You have the great ability to keep your audience focused and involved. Your talk has motivated me to take the necessary steps to make some long over due changes in both my professional and personal life. I’m 42 years young and I have so much life ahead of me to enjoy. From this day onward, I affirm that my actions and reactions are steering me on the true path of health, happiness and success. Thank you for spreading your positive energy and knowledge with the masses. I’m certain that you have made a difference in several people’s lives. YOu sure have made a positive impact on mine and I thank you.


Susan Glecier, Century II Convention Center

Marsha is a wonderful presenter. She really knows how to keep your attention and very beneficial information.


LK, American Express

Your wit and timing in the talk were impeccable. It was a huge lift to the conference to have our keynote speaker take such an energized approach to the start. Your speech was far from the canned variety so often served up as fodder for our hungry minds. You need to be speaking to heads of state!

Doug Thorpe, President, Profile Business Systems

A heartfelt thank you for the awesome sessions at the Association of Legal Administrators Regional Conference. I could have listened to you both days – all day long. You are truly a remarkable and happy person.

Tammy Johnson, Controller, Duckor Spradling & Metzger

You are an entertaining and inspiring speaker, who brings humor and perspective to life’s day-to-day and minute-to-minute challenges with practical and immediately applicable techniques for taking charge. The information I received in just one day has served me well both in my professional and personal lives.

Lori Gentry, Sales Manager, Pacific Home Sales

What a dream you painted for me to be able to attain my personal goals with the Pampered Chef.

Dana Shortes, Director, Pampered Chef

I can’t thank you enough for your positive words. I was looking inward before I attended the Pampered Chef Conference. You have helped me in ways I can’t put into words. I have lost 20 lbs.! My sales have increased as have my bookings. I attribute that to the tapes I purchased and have been listened to. Can’t thank you enough.

Becky Stalnaker, Independent Kitchen Consultant

I have seen many presentation like yours over the years. You presentation was a tour de force I had not seen before. Your delivery was effective, brief and to the point, dynamic and witty. Bravo!

Marco Messina, Arizona Authors Association

Excellent presenter and kept everyone awake. I am motivated to change my bad habits!

Catherine Wesley, One Source Printing

High energy, positive and great enthusiasm. Well organized, logical, simple and plainspoken! Wanted more!

Steve Knievy, Imperial Lithograph

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