Ball Cap Moments

Quick Video Tips From Marsha

BALL CAP MOMENT #1: You always have 3 choices: TLC - Take it, Leave it, Change it

BALL CAP MOMENT #3: Learn to be flexible and deal with different personalities.

BALL CAP MOMENT #5: Emotional Terrorism. Do you ever talk negatively to yourself over and over?

BALL CAP MOMENT #7: If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain

BALL CAP MOMENT #9: In my opinion, respect for others and respect for ourselves is the centerfold in reducing stress. Especially around the holidays. 

BALL CAP MOMENT #2: Be the CEO of Your Life

BALL CAP MOMENT #4: Have you ever said yes when you should have said no?

BALL CAP MOMENT #6: Moving through Change - Going from where you are to where you need to be.

BALL CAP MOMENT #8: Get off the crazy train and stop trying to control anything that’s out of your control!

BALL CAP MOMENT #10: What is your measure of mental freedom? I hope you enjoy this Ball Cap moment 

BALL CAP MOMENT #11: Self-reliance and discipline. Two characteristics that I’ve had to work on my entire life. Not easy at all. Help yourself and help others focus on these.

BALL CAP MOMENT #12: A ball cap moment without the ball cap. Take the time to get out and do something good.