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Platform Power

How to Electrify Every Audience.  Everytime.


You are Expected to Have Impecable Presentation Skills...


...that build client service, transfer information, and ignite the bottom line. Does your content compel people to take action on your message? Can you speak extemporaneously with ease? Do clients look forward to meeting with you? The tools needed to succeed selling high end products are learned skills and must be continually polished to stay on the cutting edge.

This workshop can incorporate the opportunity to present and receive immediate feedback — providing the tools to speak like a polished, confident professional.

Key Focus
• Build confidence in sales focused positions
• Reinforce the unique sales approach needed for luxury goods
• Enhance both verbal and non-verbal presentation skills
In addition, attendees will be able to:
• Speed-read the audience and instantly flex individual presentation style to the group,
• Defuse any heckler and manage the room
• Create compelling content quickly
• Eliminate internal mental terrorism and improve self-confidence instantly
• Optimistically approach any sales call


→ Develop strong vocal and visual presence
→ Understand the reason that you never end with Q&A
→ Look and feel in control, even when the audience pushes you off track
→ Use a process to cut presentation planning by half
→ Tailor every presentation without any preparation


What will be covered?
→ The use of humor even if you are not funny and why it’s important
→ Control your environment especially in a room that is out of control
→ Techniques to handle difficult people like the expert know-it-all or steamroller
→ Simple ways to make any presentation magical
→ Learn why you should never open with a joke
→ Why writing your own introduction is imperative
→ Using all forms of visual aids effectively √ Strategic modeling for content design and flow

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