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Decontaminate Toxic People

without using weapons or duct tape


Bad apples distract and drag everyone down...


..and their destructive behaviors, such as anger, laziness and incompetence, are remarkably contagious. According to, workplace bullies can cost companies over $16 million in turnover and $8 billion in lost productivity.

Do you and your team need survival tactics for dealing with these difficult people? Decontaminate Toxic People is an interactive program focused on improving communication skills in difficult situations and, with toxic people. Drive better outcomes, reduce conflict and manage the behaviors of backstabbers, know-it-alls, steamrollers, whine & cheesers, needy weenies and zipper lips. Never let difficult behavior suck the life out of you or your group again .

Incredible results.
Manage any issue with tact and poise. Reduce stress, improve confidence, and eliminate the anxiety caused by people who are emotional vampires.

Powerful, fresh ideas.
Everyone deals with difficult behaviors and people at work and at home. Strong skills have to be practiced to manage these situations. Outcome? Reduced turnover and increased profitability. According to Watson Wyatt, shareholder returns for organizations with the most effective communication were 57% higher over the last five years than were returns for companies with less effective communication.

What will be covered?
→ Quickly identify the type of difficult behavior you are dealing with.
→ Learn to behaviorally speed-read people.
→ Close the gap in the generational and gender divide.
→ Keys to staying calm in even the most difficult situations.
→ Specific language to use in managing conflict, anger and toxic behavior.
→ How to give and receive criticism and keep emotions in check.
→ Save time by flexing your style rather than trying to change others.
→ Techniques on listening more objectively to what others have to say .

Communications will be improved, and conflict reduced.
You will get more done and reduce the stress from anger, arguments, and poor relationships.

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