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Coaching And Speaking

Helping Highly Capable People Achieve More



The benefits that you receive from coaching are largely up to you. I have learned that some people are sponges and others are cement. If you can leverage all the information supplied to you by your mentors, sports coaches, or executive coaches, you can maximize your success significantly. The habits needed to alter are fueled by the new information especially if you take personal responsibility for taking action and putting the considerations into action.


My preference as an executive coach is to use some kind of assessment such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  because an individual's own perspective of themselves is reflected in the results.  When you choose a coach, I would recommend looking for this ‘assessment’ component. These report a birds-eye view of your preferences and often include suggestions for improvement. Assessments are also an excellent vehicle to use when reviewing team dynamics and success.


Coaches come in all varieties and different styles. They set the stage for growth by asking the tough questions, challenging, motivating, and coaching where it counts, and providing timely, relevant, and actionable feedback.  


All presentations, keynotes, and training are tailored to your needs. Particular needs can be 'cherry-picked' to format the information precisely to your timing and expected outcomes.  You can add Toxic People to the CEO of YOU, or Presentation Skills to Toxic People.  In addition, other topics are available such as:

          - Team Building

          - Leadership Development

          - Time Management

          - Building Morale and Motivation

          - Meeting Management - including your Zoom, WebEx, etc. meetings

With over 30 years of Executive leadership and over two decades of professional speaking, Marsha can customize to achieve your goals!


Powering Careers! Marsha has been my executive coach for many years and is a secret contributor to my business growth and success. Marsha’s uncanny ability to lift you up, keep you accountable and humble cannot be duplicated. The journey with her will help keep your life balanced, increase your ability to communicate and put you in position to obtain your career goals. There is no one better in the business!

Thank you, Marsha!

Lamar Chatman / Vice President of Operations / Gap Health

Thank you, Marsha. You did a fantastic job.  As you gathered, the Board of Directors was complimentary of the learning and your facilitation of the MBTI.

We are grateful for your assistance and support.

David Kong / President and CEO / Best Western International Hotels and Resorts

The MBTI was a vital tool that gave me a better perspective on my personality traits, my way of communicating and thinking.  While much of the results were not surprising, the details and interpretation help me to better understand and adjust how I interact with people, both on a personal and professional level.  Coaching doesn't have to be an extensive, multi-session approach.  Marsha's extensive background utilizing the MBTI provided a tremendous amount of focus during my career change.

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