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The CEO of YOU

Leading Yourself to Success


This Direct, No Fluff Entertaining Message...


...moves audiences to immediate action to make better choices, take personal responsibility and be more successful. Effective for personal leadership, managing change, growing exemplary customer service, and all out self-motivation. The importance of connecting core values with personal responsibility is a basis of this interactive message.

Incredible results
Save time and improve the bottom line with this powerful presentation of becoming the Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness. Goals will be met, morale will be high, and an environment of positive achievement will be reached. Teams and individuals will flourish with the understanding of departmentalizing life – both professionally and personally.
Powerful, fresh ideas.

Taking full responsibility for achievement through Marsha’s former executive leadership experience guarantees action and is the core of The CEO of YOU presentation. The group will be able to immediately apply ideas for total mastery of business and performance success, adding richness and balance to life.

What will be covered?

→ Develop an attitude to stretch beyond normal boundaries.

→ Create balance even in difficult times & through toxic situations.

→ Polish in-person and virtual presentation skills.

→ Learn the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

→ Maximize resilience to life’s difficulties by making better choices.

→ Accomplish every goal – even the tough ones.

→ Achieve success virtually and in person with basic rules of engagement.

→ Create an in-depth understanding of cross-generational differences.

Motivated people improve revenue. Change will be embraced with open arms and people will have a renewed sense of achievement and balance. Self-awareness and Personal Responsibility will guide participants to excellence.

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